The MARTYRS will be an Indonesian-English film about the persecution of Chrisitans in Sulewasi Indonesia. It is designed to heighten awareness of Christians' plight in Indonesia and to contrast the Biblical ideal of martyrdom with the terrorist notion of martyrdom.

Status phase - on hold / scripting.


This is planned as the second or third Bollywood film in our queue. It will be an Indian comedy spin off of Don Quixote, but this Quixote will be seeking to right the wrongs of this generation. It will double as a social commentary on our age, our hypocrisy (such as lack of tolerance for Christians), and our faith.

Status phase - scripting.


ETERNAL LOVE will be another Bollywood romance, but also a minimalistic fantasy film about a man with a mysterious past, and his love for a woman with whom he can only spend a fleeting moment of his life. It is designed to make people think about life after death, and the final judgment for our sins.

Status phase - scripting.


Based on the famed Aldous Huxley satire, an Indian villager is brought to a new city enclosed in a closed arcology. Families, natural child birth, and emotions, such as love, ar forbidden and psycho-active drugs keeps its residents oblivious while being occupied by ever indulgence imaginable. This version will stray from Huxley's novel in that the heroine will become pregnant and long to have the baby rather than abort it. She and her new found love must escape the city and return to the village where God, family, and love are still revered.

Status phase - pending copyright status / scripting.


Based on the true story of Joseph, Vizier of Egypt, but relocted to a mythical Indian empire in antiquity. Yosef (Joseph) is a man betrayed by his family and sold into slavery. At point languishing in prison for a crime he did not commit, Yosef soon rises to the heights of power during a great famine and eventually confronts the very people who betrayed him so many years ago. With the power to enact terrible revenge, does Yosef forgive them or avenge himself?

Status phase - scripting.


This is an ambitious project, and hence is on hold. It will be a Hindi Bollywood version of the story of Queen Esther in Persia, which ruled as far as northern India. The story will be told from the perspective of King Ahauserus, and Esther's true identity will remain largely a mystery until the end of the film. In this way it is hoped that the story can not only be more intriguing to those not familiar with the story, but open up curiousity and interest into the history of the Biblical story.

Status phase - scripting.

LOVE'S END (tentative title)

This will be our most ambitious project ever. It will be a Bollywood style romance set against the backdrop of World War III. The anti-Christ will not be a cast member, but appear only in the backdrop of the plot. He will never be shown on screen, but rather the story will focus on individuals as they are caught up in the great final war of history, and how it effects their life. This will be drastically different from other "end of the world" movies in that it will focus on the lives of daily people caught up in the storm, and will remain first and foremost a romance that the people of India can relate to. It will also open people's minds to the issues which serve as a backdrop to the film.

Status phase - scripting.

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