David Criswell, Ph.D. President & Founder of Tzon


David Criswell is a Fellow at Louisiana Baptist Seminary. He has a Ph.D. from Tyndale Seminary in Fort Worth, an M.Div. from Criswell College, as well as graduate courses and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Dallas.


In addition to his work at Tzon David Criswell is an author and the Editor-in-Chief of The Evangelical Standard.  He was Goodwill Ambassador to Israel in 2003 during the Iraq war.  He is also a Charter Lifetime Member of Ken Ham's Creation Museum in Kentucky, a member of Associates for Biblical Research (a conservative archaeological society), and a member of Tim LaHaye's Pre-Trib Research Center.



Controversies in the Book of Revelation Publish America (Frederick, MD) 2003
Controversies in the Prophets Fortress Adonai (Charleston, SC) 2007
Controversies in the Pentateuch Fortress Adonai (Charleston, SC) 2009
Controversies in the Scriptures Vol. 2 Fortress Adonai (Charleston, SC) 2010
The Rise and Fall of the Holy Roman Empire Publish America (Frederick, MD) 2005
She Who Restores the Roman Empire Writers Club Press (Lincoln, NE) 2002
Progressive Dispensationalism (contributor only) University Press of America (Lanham, MD) 2005
Sir Robert Anderson - Vol. 1 - Anderson on Prophecy (editor) Fortress Adonai (Charleston, SC) 2010
Sir Robert Anderson - Vol. 2 - Anderson on Biblical Criticism (editor) Fortress Adonai (Charleston, SC) 2010

Magazine Articles

"Evolution and Education" Bible Science Newsletter (Minneapolis, MN) December 1990 Vol. 28:12
"On Psychiatry And Etiology" Biblical Reflections On Modern Medicine (Augusta, GA) May 1993 Vol. 4:3
"Ancient Civilization And Modern Man" Creation Ex Nihilo Magazine (Acacia Ridge, DC., Qld., Australia) March - May 1995 Vol. 17:2
He was also a regular contributor for
The Evangelical Standard

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